Is Keeping Your Virginity Till Marriage Really Worth It…


For Decades, women have been compelled into keeping their virginity. This whole fact of women having more respect from their husbands by being celibate till marriage might just be a myth or a total cliché. I am not insinuating that this might be false but, look at the circumstances and the world we find ourselves in today, the world is fast-changing and we still living in this deluded world where the prefect man would find you for being a virgin or you officially become the love of his life by being a virgin.

Things have changed men love their women experienced now our days. You even find out that one of the problems couples have, is putting so much value into who was first or not. I think if a guy genuinely likes a girl, he doesn’t have to care about her past. Life is too short to worry about insignificant things as such.

Many couples go through this issue of who had sex first.  It’s all irrelevant to me; if you love someone this pathetic things won’t get to you.

I was listening to a conversation that two people were having and the girl was referring to another girl as a slut, the guy called her out and told her a slut is a girl you want to be like or jealous of , but you didn’t have enough balls to do the things she does. I believe in this theory. Any girl you seat down to gossip about is that slut that you want to be or are envious of.

Love is an unconditional gift and if you will put price first before you can love someone then its no more a gift; it now becomes a bore to both parties. I am not saying you are boring by stay celibate till marriage, am saying don’t attach so much value to who is a virgin or not. If you love someone, love the person regardless.


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