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Dyslexia can be defined as a disorder that affects a child’s reading and writing abilities.

As most of you know, I am dyslexic. If you follow me on my blog I mentioned it in my previous post.

Be dyslexic was something I discovered late in life. I don’t blame anyone for not noticing, but growing up with it was traumatic. I couldn’t read nor write until I was eight years of age.

While I was in primary school I didn’t have any friends, basically because I was dumb. The other children made fun of me and looked at me as stupid. I had imaginary friends I talked to not real friends.

I was also a good pretender. I knew how to hide my feelings and change into a totally different character, it’s not something I love or proud of; is just something I had to do to hide all the pain I felt inside.

My parents thought something was wrong with me because I couldn’t read. I wanted to read story books but I couldn’t. my mum taught me most of the time, each second that passed while she taught me was a second of deep terror; because I missed anything, she’ll beat the living hell out of me. It’s just the way it is growing up as a Nigerian child. I was getting frustrated, she was getting frustrated. It was like a dead end in my situation.

Growing up was definitely not fun. I pretend outside that I was a spoilt princess but deep inside I felt dead. I don’t think anyone will ever understand how I have felt for years, I just had to find a way to move on.

Finally, the good thing with dyslexia is that it reduces with age, so I finally got a grip of reading and writing, but that traumatized little girl was still there. Well, I have moved on but I still struggle with dyslexia I don’t use it as an excuse not to perform well in my studies. It comes up once in a while sometimes I still confuses my spellings or sometimes everything just goes blank, but I still work with it.

I would like to be a spokesperson towards Dyslexia. I just won’t want anybody or young child to go through what I went through as a child.


The Real Life.


Hi guys,

As you all know if you follow me on my blog, you know that I just recently graduated from secondary school. Lately, I have been kind of excited, but scared and confused. I believe that entering into the university means a new chapter in my life. This write-up is not a motivational article. This is basically just expressing myself about how I feel so far. I am not in a rush to know how the university is like. I have plans for myself.

In my country, people don’t usually make good of themselves from what they studied or better still must people in my country don’t have skills. I don’t want to be like them. I am self-motivated, I know what I want for myself in life. I intend on getting into a lot of things that are media related. I also intend on being a make-up artist. This is a skill that will brand me and help me to be self-sufficient in the real life.

I also want to be very good in my studies my parents have a lot of hope in me. I have come so far that I intend on making the best of this opportunity (attending university). I would love to get good grades in school. A lot of people didn’t have the chance to attend a prestigious university like mine.

This blog I hope to make the best of it by improving in my written English.

In the religious aspect, I would love to be closer to God and also increase the I spend with him. A lot of people may think this is irrelevant but I was brought up to be close to God because he is the maker of the whole world. The stories of my birth is enough reason to want to please him my whole life.

Lastly, I would also one day love to be a spokesperson on Dyslexia; this is a reading and writing disorder. I struggled with dyslexia as a child and I still struggle with it. I want to become a spokesperson because a lot of children pass through this, no one tries to figure it out. Dyslexia is a very rare disorder is hardly seen, but it there. I was tormented as a child because of dyslexia, I didn’t know, my parents didn’t know. It’s actually a long sad story I will do an article on it. I am also very grateful to my family for making me a stronger person even with that kind of challenge(Dyslexia) I still struggle with it but I am better. I am indeed extremely grateful to them.

These are my goals in life.

  • To be an all As student in the University.
  • To learn makeup professionally.
  • To be a self-sufficient and independent youth
  • To have a strong relationship with God.