Social Media Attack.


Oh My God, guys today was scary. I literally have to tell you guys this shit. Today, I was just going through my instagram and I saw The Next Step Tv Show post, it an instagram user that posted it. She suggested we make our comments. It was about a friendship on the Tv show. Julie(supposed character) was defending the friendship on tv Show and she called out another girl’s favorite character let’s say Amber (supposed character) Amber. This girl starts throwing real shade at Julie. Okay,I came, defended the friendship this girl literally called me out for defending the friendship and the other girl’s opinion. I was like aaaaaa….
Confused???? probably,but I didn’t understand her anger. It just a tv show. I am a respectful person I DM her(Amber) and I was like baby and privately speaking to her because I respect her as an  individual. I told her to forget about the whole shit. The person, she is getting angry over is a fictional character. I was like grow the fuck up!!! I called her out but never called her the “B” word this girl had the nerve to call me an “inconsiderate bitch”  like I said earlier am a respectful person. I was like for real this girl is fucking bi-polar. I responded and told she fucking stupid she doesn’t understand simple English. Her head is in hercfucking butt!! Yes, I said it. I spoke to her firmly. I blocked and warmed not to insult me. For real, this girl was ready to fight me for real. I don’t know her from Adam or Eve. Anyways, my point is people who attack people online its scary because I was scared and confused as to why someone would want to attack a fellow human. No one was attacking her about her opinion everybody is entitled to their own opinion.
Please read and share this and comment down below if you think am in the wrong or if am in the right.


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