I am so sick and tried of trying to impress people. I am just so sick of it. I am happy that I was able to break free from all that self hate or saying am not good enough. I had to do a post on this because, I felt I had to express it to you guys out there who are feeling depressed because they feel you aren’t worth it, well guess what ? You are. You are beautiful and wonderfully made. All you have to do is looked passed the fear of being judged or the fear of how people will look at you or respond to you, because out there their will always be someone who will appreciate you and what you have in yourself. I was putting myself down for so long always finding something wrong or bad or incorrect about myself , but finally I broke free when I admitted am not perfect but I can walk towards perfection.  If it is that guy that say you aren’t good enough leave him and move on with your life, you will find someone out there who will love you. I hope this post will be able to help you heal and start loving yourself .

I Pray everyday that God Almighty, who has made all things well will help us grow into wonderful, God-fearing and courageous women. He is the maker and it is through him we find the strength to take on all the challenges and troubles we face in the wicked world we live in. Wake up every morning with a bright smile and say thank you Jesus for you have done it for me and made wonderfully and beautifully made. We all need to build a wonderful relationship with God and not for the privileges but because he loves us and died for us on the cross of Calvary. I hope you all enjoy your self love and worth.


Sliding Into His DM



Girls are always told to have DM ethics, in which a girl isn’t meant to DM the guy first. I personally feel it is wrong and unreasonable. How do you get the attention of a guy that doesn’t even know about your existence. The social media has made it easy for people to meet and talk to each other.

If you like a guy voice it, if you want him to notice you, follow him, if he feels you are worth  following he will. I would rather have someone DM me than make a funny comment on my post. A lot of girls are too high-maintance and find creepy to DM a guy first. Relationships won’t be complicated if people just let go and go with the flow. Everybody is entitled to their own views. It could be hard for people to let go and face their feelings because they are too scared or may be pasted relationships. Follow your heart but still use your brain.

My point is if you like a guy and you want him to notice you, make him notice you, it isn’t compulsory  you to finish the conversation, he can finish it if he wants and if he is interested, stop complaining about him not noticing you and do something about it and if he isn’t still interested move on.


Met Gala Top 10 Best Dressed


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The Met Gala ball 2018 was held at the Metropolitan Museum Of Art, New York.

The theme of the event was named “Heavenly Bodies” under the Catholicism culture. the theme was all about bringing the high fashion into the church. A lot of celebrities took this themes to another level in persons of Rihanna, Katy Perry and Solange Knowles.

Rihanna, Alam Colony  and Donatella Versace were the host of this “high fashion Cinderella ball” according to Oprah.

Finally I Present to my personal best dress.


  1. Zoe Kravitz

She showed a lot of skin in the Saint Laurent Dress. It was see through but still simple. I personally felt she was my best dress. For her hair, she had braid twistings and I loved her laid edges. The makeup she had on was wonderful. She was simple and she couldn’t have looked better. I feel simplicity is key in everything you do.

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Now present the remaining Nine I hope you love what I have chosen.





Victoria It Up For Him….


So, first I must say am no married woman and I have been in a relationship twice and I know it can be challenging keeping it spicy for both of you. This subject is very common around couples.

These steps are easy steps that will help you keep it sexy for him.

Be Spontaneous:

Shock him, awe him make plans for the evening or plan an entire elaborate date by yourself. Surprise him and never be too predictable.

Don’t Change Yourself:

Under no circumstances should you think of changing yourself to impress anybody. Just be creative but try to change who you are. Stick to your comfort zone.

Be Courageous In Bed:

Like I said earlier you need to be yourself to project cat energy that will boost your courage in bed. He won’t help but be awed by your confidence.










I Am A Woman And Am Proud Of It


Who is a woman? A woman is a strong, confident female, who knows what she wants out of life. Women have always been looked at as the weaker version in the society. I will be using three categories to show that women are a lot stronger than people perceive.

In the world we find ourselves in today, women have economic power, this is  something that people have failed to understand. A woman is single and very successful financially, it is assumed that the woman is a prostitute, it is perceived  that a man is paying for all her bills. This prejudice is very wrong. A woman is successful, no!!! it’s a dick doing all the work. Why can’t it be a vagina? A woman is allowed to be successful without being looked at as a prostitute. A lot of Fashion Bloggers suffer this prejudice. It is said if you are successful as a blogger you are a WHORE!!!. This is a big fat lie. I can be very successful without a man’s penis.

Secondly, people have this morality thing against women which upsets me, but I do it too so I can’t judge, but still I have to talk about it. “Oh that person is a snub” Is it her? what do you mean by is it “HER”? for your information men can be snubs too. It is so bad that people have this motion glue to there mind. You don’t have to glue rude to women especially when she is a pretty one at that. I believe it is important for all of us to give each other respect for there to be gender equality.

All in all what am pushing at is a woman is strong and powerful shouldn’t make you intimidated, it should drive you to work harder in what you are doing in your life. Am not saying woman should look down on men. it has been said in the bible that a woman should be submissive to her husband, but never have that perception that women aren’t strong enough to become something great of themselves.


Is Keeping Your Virginity Till Marriage Really Worth It…


For Decades, women have been compelled into keeping their virginity. This whole fact of women having more respect from their husbands by being celibate till marriage might just be a myth or a total cliché. I am not insinuating that this might be false but, look at the circumstances and the world we find ourselves in today, the world is fast-changing and we still living in this deluded world where the prefect man would find you for being a virgin or you officially become the love of his life by being a virgin.

Things have changed men love their women experienced now our days. You even find out that one of the problems couples have, is putting so much value into who was first or not. I think if a guy genuinely likes a girl, he doesn’t have to care about her past. Life is too short to worry about insignificant things as such.

Many couples go through this issue of who had sex first.  It’s all irrelevant to me; if you love someone this pathetic things won’t get to you.

I was listening to a conversation that two people were having and the girl was referring to another girl as a slut, the guy called her out and told her a slut is a girl you want to be like or jealous of , but you didn’t have enough balls to do the things she does. I believe in this theory. Any girl you seat down to gossip about is that slut that you want to be or are envious of.

Love is an unconditional gift and if you will put price first before you can love someone then its no more a gift; it now becomes a bore to both parties. I am not saying you are boring by stay celibate till marriage, am saying don’t attach so much value to who is a virgin or not. If you love someone, love the person regardless.